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Develop a future-proof workforce

The future workforce is being driven by rapid technological disruption, a.k.a. industrial revolution. Business leaders anticipate that a skills mismatch will rapidly emerge in the next few years. 

Organisations that focus on the leadership of their top employees will perform better than the average, but those that aim to consistently perform at their peak needs to develop people across levels with the right skills and knowledge. Having a strong Learning and Development culture allows you to attract and retain your employees more effectively, preparing your organisation for the future of work. 


of millennials said they would stay at their current company if they were offered training and development opportunities. 

(Bridge, 2018)


of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. 

(Clear Company, 2016)


of an organisation’s performance is driven by their focus on strategic growth, and bringing that focus to all levels drives even greater growth. 

(South Asian Journal of Resource Management, 2014)

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Engage your employees, develop their leadership capabilities and transform your organisation.

Leaderonomics Learning and Development brings your organisation a customised learning curriculum that's aligned to your people and business strategy, growing your people's skills. 

We partner with over 400 trainers who are experts in their field to bring the best training and development programmes that works for you. Coupled that with immersive experiences and simulations, we make Learning & Development relevant and engaging for your people.

Focused learning curriculum produces better results

A holistic, effective learning curriculum that truly impacts and focuses on building mastery in these areas; Business Mastery, Personal Mastery, Functional Mastery and Leadership Mastery. While there is value in mastering each area, the value is much bigger when all four areas of mastery synergise.


Blended learning experiences produce more engaged employees

A robust Learning Curriculum or Learning Calendar is the result of how we bring these four areas of mastery to life. The curriculum can be executed through various methods or a combination of methods:



2-3 days out of the office experiences which combines various methods of delivery such as simulations, role plays and workshops that bring the lessons out in a more immersive environment. 


Experience a simulated learning environment that brings observable behavior and skills to light and gives hands-on learning.


We work with trainers who are experts from various industries that's able to provide not just theory but valuable insights from their extensive experience.

One of a kind experiences
One of a Kind Experiences

We partner with people and organisations around the world to bring to you a memorable learning experience such as Inside Risk, an immersive interactive storyline-based cinematic learning experience.

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How we work with you:

- Our 4D Approach -


Identify and understand the areas to best grow your people with our qualified consultants.


Research and recommend the strategic interventions that work for you and your organisation, in line with your business strategy.


Develop the details of the learning curriculum and co-create where necessary.


Execute the aligned plans and adapt, if needed to maximise results.


Why us?

Blended learning

We blend learning with action related experiences to make learning as engaging as possible, where lessons stick with your employees longer.

Highly experienced

With over ten years experience and having delivered programmes in multiple countries and hundreds of organisations, we believe that we have what it takes to deliver the best Learning & Development plans that you need. 

Extensive network

We work with over 400 trainers and partners from all over the world to bring you the best learning experience.

Highly contextual

We ensure that we incorporate your contexts into our learning so that your team can fully engage, connect and relate to the training.

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