Every Brand Has A Story 
To Be Told

Your story matters

 It’s been proven that organisations with a strong reputation and communications strategy have a significant advantage within
 their industry.   


of companies believe employer brand and reputation has a direct impact on revenue. 


of a company’s market value is tied to its reputation.

We design your story that can seamlessly shift between various formats such as digital, print, video and audio. Our style is firmly rooted in the philosophy that every point of communication your brand has with your audience, is an opportunity to educate, add value, and inspire action. 

We are experts in designing compelling stories that strategically position your company against a global tapestry of current trends and issues, making you a leading organisation in your industry.


Telling Your Story In The Manner That Matters

Our Solutions


We help curate and develop your company’s content strategy and plans which creates value and inspires action to establish your company’s Employee Value Propositions as we have done so for top Malaysian employers, education institutions, and awards organisers.

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Complete your storytelling package with visually-driven messages that go beyond product sales. We can provide space for your advertising messages that make your brand relatable to your audience - whether its a festive greeting or a timely statement - you can now stand out from the rest by doing things differently.

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Internal Communications

We’re able to create the right strategy and content needed to support your organisation's internal communication needs, giving your employees a good experience even in times of uncertainty.

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Engage with your audience offline. Leaderonomics’ large, medium and small-scale customised experiences strengthen your organisation’s message and create communities centred around your purpose.

How we work with you: 
- Our 4D approach -


Identify your organisation's goals, employer branding and media needs


Assess and map out areas to target in terms of media and content curation


Develop your company’s content strategy and plans that create value and inspires action


Deliver and package the customised content, sharing your unique message and story as an organisation.


Why us

Highly Credible

We are affiliated with internationally renowned authors such as Marshall Goldsmith, John C Maxwell, Travis Bradberry, Bernard Marr, Joanne Love, Karin Hurt, Ernest Antoine, Jonathan Yabut, Adam Grant, and more.

Integrated solutions

Brings together the best of our learning and development training services, on-ground event and campaign management, and employer branding expertise tailor-made just for your organisation.

Reach a targeted niche audience

Leveraging our distribution platforms; Leaderonomics.com, our leading resource on solutions oriented leadership content with over 70k+ targeted visitors/month, 10k+ targeted subscribers and social media channels, you can be assured that your story reaches a wide global and local audience.