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Empowering Youths Across the Nation

Leaderonomics Youth is part of the community arm of Leaderonomics which engages kids and youths from the ages of 8-19 through various youth programs such as Youth Leadership Camps, School Leadership Clubs, Social Connects, Workshops, and Conventions. Our heart is to intentionally journey with youth through various programmes which engage, equip and finally practice and live out what they’ve learned as a leader.

        OUR MISSION       

We grow youths into leaders

Journeying with them in the discovery of their leadership potential and empowering them to make a difference wherever they are.

Preparing Youth for the Future

At Leaderonomics Youth, our community engagements revolve around three guiding principles:

leaderonomics youth

We recognise the innate value in young lives and seek opportunities to engage the youth to spark and cultivate thought and intentional stewardship of lives.

leaderonomics youth

We see significance in each young person and are determined to equip youths with access to the necessary tools, resources, and transformative experiences that lead to effective leadership.

leaderonomics youth

We activate the inner potential of youths by empowering them to live purpose-driven lives through community projects that seek to generate social impact and multiply leaders.


leaderonomics youth club
Youth Club

Leaderonomics Leadership club in schools and community centres focus on developing character among the youth and empowering them to plan and implement projects that will drive change and impact within communities. Approved by the Malaysia Ministry of Education (MOE).

leaderonomics youth camp
Youth Camp

A series of camps centered on the theme of leadership, designed to tackle and address common age-appropriate and youth life stage issues, as well as develop and harness life skills and leadership competencies.

leaderonomics youth connect
Youth Connect

A continuous engagement and development platform for youth from clubs and camp to nurture and harness their leadership skills and to continue to make a difference.

leaderonomics youth convention
youth convention

Large scale events where youths across Malaysia gather to learn, network and be inspired.


Partner with us

It takes a community to build a leader. We believe that we can empower more people and create a deeper impact if we work collaboratively with others. We also believe that partnerships work both ways where we can also positively impact the work that you do as a company or as an individual. 

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